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Wonder - R.J. Palacio

August Pullman in the story as the main character really made me 

Sympathize with him. Despite the fact that he is born with a facial difference he still continued to live on. Struggling with all the teases from his classmates from his school and finding new friends had pulled him down. 

In science class, August and Jack are assigned as partners for a project. When Julian asks the teacher if he could be Jack's partner instead, Jack declines. But when Julian calls August a "freak," Jack punches Julian in the face. As a result, Jack is suspended for two days for his actions. Knowing that Julian would get them both in trouble for bad-mouthing August, Jack refuses to tell Mr. Tushman what happened. Julian's mother says that August does not belong in Beecher Prep, as it is not an "inclusion school", but Mr. Tushman and everyone else disagrees with her. Jack sincerely apologizes to August, saying he didn't mean to say the stuff he said about August, and they become friends again.

I like the strong relationship with jack and august. jack had been at august side although the other kids start being mean to Jack as a result of the friendship.

During a school trip to a nature reserve, when August and Jack are attacked by seventh graders from another school, they are defended by several of Julian's friends. After their return to school, Julian becomes less popular, and August is generally more accepted by their fellow fifth graders.

I like this book as my favourite character, August , goes through a lot of obstacle but never gave up and finally his efforts pays off as he is finally accepted by the community of his friends. His determination and resilient has encouraged me to do things much more better.